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    Meridian Products Corporation provides complete manufacturing services by assisting in your product development, rapid prototypes, on-site mold construction, high to low volume part production, custom packaging and fulfillment. Click on the button to really experience awesome. Read More
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    Meridian Products is truly a turn-key service provider. We have extensive experience with Secondary Operations to complete the manufacture of your product. Read More
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    We serve most all major markets including Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics/Electrical, and Consumer items. Read More
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Injection Molding Processes

Meridian Products delivers quality parts using a variety of molding processes to meet the unique needs to a broad spectrum of applications.

Insert/Over Molding

Examples are over-molded bearings, medical brace components, IC chip carriers, and mechanical threaded inserts.

Two Shot

Incorporates two different materials into the one part to allow versatility in product design.


Molded connectors to the Fiber Optic, Medical, Electronic, Telecom and Electrical Industries.

Medical Components

Products range from small micro components up to large mechanical housings.

Tight Tolerance Production

Close tolerance injection molding machines and a plant wide process monitoring system to ensure consistent quality.

End-to-End Services

Meridian Products is truly a turn-key service provider.

Hot Stamping

Dry printing of lithography using predried ink or foils.


Short-term storage of manufactured parts to reduce customers' logistics costs.


Fully managed transportation of parts to assembly plants and end customers.

Quality Assurance

Meridian Products has adopted and fully supports the commitment to continually improve quality.


Full support to continual improvement of the quality management system by reviewing the effectiveness of our operation from top to bottom.

ISO 9001

13 years holding an ISO certification. Recently certified to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Markets Served

We serve most all major markets including medical, automotive, aerospace, electronics and electrical to consumer items.


Examples include brackets, housings, reflectors and ventilators.


Parts such as connectors, housings, enclosures and bobbins.


Providing bezels, applicators and device components.


Specializinig in gaskets, seals and engine components.


Various kinds of packaging, knobs and housings for all kinds of goods.