Meridian Products Corporation is experienced in providing assemblies and sub-assemblies services for our customers who want to get a turnkey product so they can focus on other aspects of their business to increase profitability. A number of different processes are provided.

Mechanical Assembly & Bonding

Meridian provides mechanical assembly as well as bonding. We can also manufacture fixtures to facilitate the bonding process.

Compatible adhesives and tapes are selected to ensure continued use reliability. 

Ultra-Sonic Welding & Insertion

Meridian assembles various products utilizing ultra-sonic welding and insertion. With years of experience, Meridian utilizes best practices to optimize the assembly with proper booster, horns and tips. Further design considerations regarding hole sizes, energy directors, and compatible materials are evaluated as these are incorporated into the process.

Post Molding Machining

We provide post molding machining and tapping for part enhancement that provides for customers a production ready component or finished good for use in additional assemblies after processing. We also provide heat shrink assembly for electronic cables after overmolding. The repeatability of these processes is key in maintaining lot-to-lot consistency structured within our Quality Management System.

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

For true turnkey assembly, Meridian assembles components mechanically and then electronically required components are installed per documented processes. Quality checks are performed at each step, so the finished assembly performs as intended in mechanical and electronic design. Extensive training and documentation for each assembly is required to ensure the product performance meets the customer requirements.

Conversion Processes

For products that were not injection molded, Meridian offers conversion processes such as tubing cut to size, magnet insertion, and spring installation.

Examples of Applications

Meridian assembly and sub-assembly services can be provided for just about any application a customer desires. Some examples of work done:

  • Cash management systems for retail and convenience stores
  • Hospitality table skirting clips
  • Musical instrument performance aids
  • Electrical motor cable switch assemblies
  • Tire cleaning tools
  • Products for food gifting to enhance shipping integrity
  • Products for automotive AC compressors to enhance shipping integrity