Post Molding Decorative Processes

Meridian Products Corporation’s capabilities include extensive offerings for post molding decorative processes.


Meridian provides a variety of post molding printing services. The most cost effective and appropriate processes will be determined for each application. This can be accomplished through pad printing, screen printing or digital printing, and can include multiple colors if designated. The surfaces do not necessarily need to be flat as certain designs incorporate printing on curved details or other uneven surfaces. Where required, additional clear coat can be applied to enhance the wear resistance of the printing. Meridian’s multiple processes provide a variety of great options to enable customers to enhance their finished product appearance, especially for promotional presentation.


Meridian offers vacuum metallization of components for decorative, protective, and functional purposes. For example, highly polished plastic components can be metallized to have excellent reflective surfaces used for lighting applications. Coatings can enhance a product’s appearance to desired cosmetic presentations. Various colors and coatings are available, dependent on customer requirements. Specific grades of plastic resins are required for metallization process optimization.

Painting, Coating, and Gasketing

Applications that require painting are provided by Meridian for cosmetic and functional purposes. This includes EMI/RF shielding coatings for electronic applications. Meridian also paints components for cosmetic and functional purposes including anti-microbial paints where specified. Painting to specific manufacturing specifications, such as a Sherwin Williams callout, is part of the process when required. Gasketing is incorporated into specific applications that will meet customer specifications with consideration to specific environmental conditions.

Examples of Applications

Possibilities are limitless, directed by the customer’s needs. In general, post molding decorative capabilities can be extremely beneficial for:

  • Promotional presentation products
  • Lighting applications
  • Cosmetic presentations
  • Electronic applications

Here are some examples of specific applications:

  • Asset tracking devices
  • Medical endoscopy devices
  • Cue sports aids
  • Aerospace call buttons and lenses
  • Aerospace PSU reading light reflectors
  • Security system management devices