Meridian Products Corporation is a Texas plastic injection molding company that provides superior insert molding solutions and overmolding services. We have a fully equipped, cutting-edge facility where we utilize innovative technologies to achieve exceptional outcomes based on our client’s demanding requirements, rigorous tolerances, and strict quality standards.

We work with clients who rely on resin mold solutions to bring their projects to life. From aerospace to automotive industries, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer our reliable molding capabilities. Rest assured, we can deliver results that will drive success to your business.

Molding Capabilities

As a leading Dallas custom plastic injection molding company, we ensure that our range of molding capabilities can fulfill your project’s distinctive needs. We employ state-of-the-art machinery and advanced techniques that allow us to produce complex and intricate parts with ease and efficiency, guaranteeing consistent results that are second to none. That said, below are our various molding services:

Engineering Resin Molding

Engineering resin choices are specified to minimize the erosion of structure and properties in these harsh environments with resin manufacturers’ data and feedback. Meridian helps with specific data to determine if a customer’s choice is the best-suited engineering grade for a resin mold once all factors are considered from the Material Recommendation form.

We can employ engineered resin materials to produce products that comply with moderate or high heat and performance requirements. For instance, engineering-grade thermoplastic polymers are used for harsh environments, while high-performance amorphous resins are suitable in water and steam conditions.

Our customization services solve the challenges and issues our clients face in their molding applications, cutting costs and improving production efficiency. Some common examples of engineered injection molded products include:

  • Fracking valves
  • Gears and fuel delivery components
  • High-pressure irrigation valves
  • Pump impellers
  • Medical devices
Engineering Resin Molding

Insert & Over Molding

Overmolding is a process whereby one material is molded over a second material. During our overmolding services, the initial “substrate” is commonly the more rigid plastic of the two resins. Once the “substrate” is molded, it is placed into another mold cavity, and the “over-mold” resin is injected into specific surface areas of the substrate to achieve the intended design and usage.

Essentially, overmolding is a type of insert molding. It’s an ideal option for projects with design constraints, improving product durability, reducing noise and vibration, increasing functionality and ergonomics, and optimizing the product’s performance. However, proper materials must be chosen to achieve solid outcomes and yield a strong and durable piece.

Our process is efficient and precise, using sophisticated molding methods and equipment to ensure proper adhesion between materials. We can also assist in material selection, ensuring compatibility between resins for optimal results. Products made through our insert molding solutions include:

  • Two-tone plastic furniture
  • Soft-touch buttons
  • Products with soft-grip handles
  • Household appliances
Insert & Over Molding

Medical Components

Medical devices and components require a particular production process to satisfy stringent medical and quality requirements. Meridian prides itself on its excellent service, production processes, quality planning and design support, insert molding solutions, and post-molding capabilities to provide solutions that meet the expectations of medical industry customers and ensure that requirements in this industry are met.

We utilize FDA-compliant plastic resin mold and antimicrobial grades to manufacture medical devices, instruments, and equipment for medical use. The goal is to produce safe medical plastic parts to prevent pathogens that can potentially harm patients and healthcare workers.

Fortunately, as your trusted Dallas custom plastic injection molding service provider, we can offer quality medical resin mold products at affordable rates while ensuring quality isn’t compromised. Some of the most common examples of medical components we can injection mold include:

  • Implantable components
  • Dental instruments
  • Suture delivery devices
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Surgical equipment
Medical Components

Metal Replacement Molding

Corrosion and chemical resistance are objectives in many applications exposed to harsh environments, which can cause failure in metal components over time. Engineering resin mold choices are available that will not cause the erosion of structure and properties. Product development timeframes, shorter cycle times, and lead times are shortening. The manufacturing is less complex since molding a product can be a 3-step process while metal fabrication can be five steps or greater.

Besides corrosion and chemical resistance, cost savings with improved product quality are other primary benefits of metal replacement molding. Additionally, resin mold parts and components are more economical, as they eliminate secondary operations, and products have greater strength. At the same time, their weight is decreased, their lifespan is increased, and the plastics can be recycled or reused.

Before, the applications for metal molding replacement were limited. Now, more industries are utilizing engineered plastics due to their substantial benefits over metal materials. Some examples of metal replacement molding products we produce include:

  • Automotive components
  • Electrical connectors
  • Aerospace parts
  • Industrial machinery components
  • Consumer goods
Metal Replacement Molding

Biodegradable Resin Molding

As a trusted Texas plastic injection molding company, we focus on molding processes using bioresins that are compostable and degradable has emerged as a necessary “green” alternative to traditional polyurethane-based plastics. Meridian is experienced in the production of plastic components molded from bioresins.

Although bioresins won’t wholly eradicate petroleum-based plastic waste, they are a more environmentally-friendly option as they can break down into natural components when disposed of properly. It reduces the accumulation of plastics in landfills and oceans, helping to preserve our planet.

Since it’s a critical facet of lessening pollution and mitigating the effects of climate change, Meridian is committed to incorporating biodegradable resin mold techniques into our processes and offerings. Some examples of products we produce using biodegradable resins include:

  • Packaging materials
  • Straws and utensils
  • Plant pots and trays
  • Bottles and mugs
  • Organic waste containers
Biodegradable Resin Molding

Choose Experts in Injection Molding to Fulfill Your Project Goals

When choosing the right plastic injection molding company, Meridian stands out for our expertise, quality services, and commitment to meeting our clients’ expectations. With almost 50 years of combined experience in the industry, we deeply understand various materials, resin mold processes, and applications. Our team is dedicated to providing the best solutions for each project, utilizing advanced techniques and equipment to ensure top-quality results.

Regardless of your project’s complexity, we can provide outcomes that will take your business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our services and discuss how we can help with your plastic injection molding needs. You may also request a quote, and our team can develop a solution tailored to your needs!