As a final component to Meridian’s suite of full turnkey solutions, we offer multiple options to assist our customers with storage, transportation, and shipment of their products to designated destinations in USA.

Meridian also ships to international customer locations with proper documentation needed for customs regulations including Mexico, the Philippines, UK, and any other country designated by our customers.

Drop Shipping

Meridian provides our shipping services and expertise, to make it as easy and cost effective as possible for customers to get their products to their desired locations. We can ship directly from our facility to the customer, or to other desired parties or locations.

In consultation with the customer, Meridian will advise on and coordinate the selection of carriers and best format to use in order to meet shipment promise dates.

These can include internet orders on customer platforms, which are then routed through Ship Station, Fedex Ship Manager, or UPS World Ship. Shipment tracking information is provided for all interested parties to prevent unforeseen delays. We also coordinate LTL shipments with other logistics providers as designated by our customers on their behalf; this reduces customer overall costs by eliminating the need to ship first to a warehouse, and then again to the customer.  Meridian can also ship directly to Amazon Fulfillment Centers for distribution on customer’s behalf. 


Meridian can provide short term storage as a service to our customers. If longer storage times and volumes are requested, we will advise on the rates for these types of requests. 

Local delivery

Meridian offers local deliveries (within the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex) either with MPC truck or local courier service, dependent on cost and delivery times needed. If certain items need extra care in transit and customer is local, this can be the best delivery option.

Customers may also send their own logistics supplier or employees for Will Call pickups at our Distribution Center if desired.

When applicable, Meridian can significantly reduce transportation costs by picking up components for use in product assembly and directly delivering finished products to the customer’s location.