Medical Devices and Components

Medical devices and components require a particularly specific production process in order to satisfy stringent medical and quality requirements.

Meridian prides itself on its excellent service, production processes, quality planning and design support, and post molding capabilities to provide solutions that meet the expectations of medical industry customers and ensure that requirements in this industry are met.

Material Specifications

Material recommendation and selection is a very important step of these processes. 

Our clients begin with the submission of a comprehensive material requirement form in order to identify materials that meet their specifications, including flammability, temperature use ranges, color, impact requirements, etc. 

We have a broad supply base to draw from, ensuring that the exact materials, such as anti-microbial grades, FDA compliant resins and colorants, are utilized.

Anti-microbial Protection

Current events require a growing need to provide anti-microbial plastic products, whether it be inherently in the resin, or with an additive for anti-microbial requirements.

For example, studies have found serious pathogens, such as streptococcus and E. coli, on phones and other handheld devices; so the importance of protecting cases, game controllers, remotes and other accessories is vital.

This is an evolving market, with an increasingly available variety of engineered and enhanced grade commodity resins that will meet specifications.

We are assisting our customers by evaluating and selecting the most suitable resins for their product requirement.

Examples of Applications

Customers come to Meridian with a particular problem or product to be produced and we work together with them to produce the highest quality end products.

Some examples include:

  • Patient monitoring for vital measurements
  • Wound care
  • Hospital room infrastructure devices
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Veterinary monitoring devices


As an ISO 9001:2015 registered company, we have adapted requirements that meet ISO 13485 when required by our customers.

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