360 Tool & Design believes that having a part designed for molding is the most critical aspect to meeting our customer’s expectations. With this thought in mind, we have an extensive product design review procedure. New products are reviewed for moldability and end use functionality. We work closely with your engineers to ensure that your product meets all of your design expectations.

With our extensive background in processing engineering resins, we have helped hundreds of customers manufacture a better product at a lower cost.

360 Tool & Design works closely with several design companies in the local area. By partnering with these companies we can assist in the up-front design of your product to eliminate potential manufacturing issues before tooling is built.

We also offer rapid prototype parts through our prototyping partner. We can provide SLA, SLS, Polyjet & cast urethane sample parts. Typical lead time for rapid prototypes and samples is short.

We've also developed our own rapid tooling program for short run production parts. These mold inserts can typically be built in a couple weeks and are capable of running several thousand parts. This process can be used as bridge tooling or to evaluate critical use requirements.

*As a subsidiary, 360 Tool & Design is not covered by Meridian Products Corporation' s ISO credentials.